The Realm

by Rütäbägä

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released February 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Rütäbägä Redmond, Oregon

Rütäbägä is a two piece crust punk band from the wasteland that is Middle Oregon!

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Track Name: Cultivation Of Anarchism
We have sewn these seeds ourselves. We shall reap what we have sewn.
Whether or not you like it, this is what we have grown.
Metropolis breeds cancer. Defectors in the midst.
We have the knowledge to escape, that which feeds leviathan.

Destroyed is our home in the zone of upbringing,
Avoided at all costs, the lost we have become.
We hunt for the scent of the whored out remains,
The elders veracity, Into carnage we are born.

Godless shelter. Sweltering in this heat,
They call us the damned, packed in protuberant.
We die for the bodies that soon will generate,
Blue skies and growth. The green can now live.

Amplifying energies and synthesis. Become one with macrocosm.
From within as well as without! We are born on this earth.
Multiplying as chaos dies. Branches reaching beyond their bounds.
Destroying apathetic dwelling places. Into carnage we are born!
Track Name: To The Depths
This place of origin. Destined to return.
Out in the fields. Lost in my woods.
Water rushing beneath the bridge.
I am divided. I am now sick!
To the Depths! To my home!
To the Depths! To my home!
The source is calling. The spirit remains.
Relics of youth. Forest dwelling.
Concrete existence. My feet now burn!
I am watching. I will soon return!

To The Depths! To my home!
In my mind, that’s where I roam!
Track Name: Firegiants And Forefathers
Reaching to beyond
Walking in smoke
Ancient mind have awakened
Walking in smoke
Words they speak, lending to form.
Walking in smoke
From the chaos a black mount rose
Walking in smoke
Track Name: The Moth Wrangler
Bonded to the artificial light.

Dead, soiled, forfeited piles.

Wrangler… Shepherd…

These moths will all die!

In resistance of radiance! Sacrifice!
Here is anti-beauty! Defilement!
Fighting for something! Ungodly!
We are not are afraid! Of death!
Escape in nocturnal flight.

Humans are creating genocide.

Wrangler… Mortal…

These moths cannot fly!
Track Name: Blasphemous Winter
I am here because I chose to be here!
I will not walk away just because you tell me to!
I stand in the cold insolence
I have created my own law!
I am eternal blasphemy!

Haze me rivers of the scornful majesty,
Three winters have come and gone,
But the end of the world,
I have not seen!

I am not there because I have found peace.
I won’t kneel in the name of apathy.
I trek through the snow
I will be with those I wish!
We are eternal blasphemy!

Haze me rivers of the scornful majesty,
Three winters have come and gone,
But the end of the world,
I have not seen!
Track Name: There's Elves In The Wood
Converging onto one plane of existence.
I stand in awe of this hallucination.
Paralyzed exhilaration and anxiety.
Standing here at the edge of space.
I feel their eyes of existence unknown.
Creatures of this swamp-like vision.
Soon the apparition fades
I am absent feeling nothing but
Pulsations of what once was.
Hidden beneath the walls.
Life contorted to man’s will.
Now I know how it feels!
Track Name: The Realm
Growing tired I fall asleep
And in my dreams this is what I see!
A whole new world and a spectrum of life
Of which I had never conceived.
The great tree Yggradisil carrying my being
Over a continuum of different realities!
But here in this one I reside!
Home in the depths of my own mind!

Here in the Realm!

Finding truth within the deep.
For at the bottom is where it feeds.
Here in exile the immortals now grieve.
For they’ve learned that are but fiends.
The portal opens and I seek the air.
And out I rise from the lair.
For in the realm have I seen!
The conscious mind. The steady stream.